Beauty in the Midst of Suffering

“There is always beauty in the suffering, joy in the pain, and peace in the chaos: His name is Jesus Christ.”

I took this picture this morning as I walked my sister’s dog. I thought to myself: How can there be such beauty in the midst of pain and suffering? How can there be such peace and tranquility in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. It’s almost like the days should match the times we’re living in but they don’t . And honestly, I’m glad they don’t. The sun, shining in all its beauty and strength, during these dark days reminds me of our Sun and Shield–our very present help in the time of trouble: Jesus Christ. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. These times don’t shock Him or change Him. He is the risen King–the One who conquered death and led captivity captive. He is the One who has dominion and power over everything and everyone. He is still on the throne even when these circumstances scream that He’s not. He is still with us even when these circumstances tell us that He has forsaken us. Look up today, no matter where you are or what it looks like, and know that the Lord is with you!

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