True Love’s Invitation: A Poem

There is One who has healed me of my brokenness.
There is One who has set me free from rejection.
There is One who has given me life,
And His name is Jesus.
If you want true love,
If you want to be set free,
If you want to be healed,
It is time that you choose He,
Who can break every chain,
And set the captives free.
So when you are ready,
Declare these words To He,
Who will forgive you of your sins,
And become your Lord, Savior, and King.
Lord, I am lost,
But I want to be found.
I am blind,
But I want to see.
I confess that I am a sinner,
And I have sinned against Thee.
But Lord can you forgive my iniquities?
Come into my heart,
And make Your home with me,
For I make You my Lord, Savior, and King,
-Let Jesus Be Your First Love

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