Choose Love: A Poem

When did my name become a byword?
A curse on the tongue of My creation,
The ones I created in My image,
The ones I sent My only, begotten Son to save.
I would tell you that I love you,
So that you would turn away from your destruction,
The sin that pulls you to the grave.
But I know even that perfect declaration
Would be of little consequence.
Because you don’t know Me;
Therefore, you don’t know Love.
This world has seared your conscience.
The enemy has distorted your perception of Love.
He has served you Love’s counterfeit,
And you have consumed to the full
Its pain,
Its conditional promises,
Its bondage,
Its destruction.
So, when I proclaim that I love you,
You scoff,
You run,
Juxtaposing Love’s counterfeit,
To My Love.
Because you can’t begin to fathom,
That I exist,
That I created you,
For Myself.
And the only thing I want to do is love you,
Give Myself to you continually,
In revelation.
So you know who I am,
That I’m not an angry, vengeful God
But the one, true living God
Who loves you
Who knew you
Before you were formed in your mother’s womb.
Who created you in eternity,
And spoke you into time.
Who covered you in your mother’s womb,
Singing praises over you,
Declaring that you would be Mine.
I carved out a spot in you,
That only I could fill.
So when you were birthed into time,
You would be compelled to yield,
And find Me,
And I, true Love,
Would enter in and fill.
But woe to My creation,
You have lost your way.
You have attempted to fill My spot,
With things I didn’t ordain.
That’s why you are never content,
And satisfied for only a time.
Because that spot rejects Love’s counterfeit,
It cannot dwell in the spot,
Meant only for God.
So now that you know,
That it’s Me that you need.
Reject Love’s counterfeit,
And come after Me.
Search and you will find.
Ask and you will receive.
I will enter in,
And fill the space,
I created just for Me.
In that day, I will heal and restore,
Every broken place.
I will reveal every deception,
And correct every lie.
So you will know true Love.
You will know the living God.

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