The Most Beautiful Things About You…

The Lord said this to me one day during my quiet time with Him. He is so sweet, tender, and loving in that way. He speaks truth to the broken places within us so they can be healed. He loves us into wholeness.

In this life, we tend to lead with our “externals” (the things that can be seen, touched, and manipulated by man): (1) how we look, (2) our education, (3) our gifts and talents, (4) how much money we have, (5) our job title, or (6) how much we are revered and esteemed in our community. The list can go on and on.

We think that possessing these things make us beautiful, desirable, and more palatable. We use these things as bargaining chips–quid pro quo transactions. You should love me because I look like this. You should accept and respect me because I possess this or that. We cast our eyes out into the world, using what we have (our externals) to get what we all so desperately need: love.

But can I tell you that when you search for love in the world, you’re always going to find Love’s counterfeit. It is false, fleeting, and gives birth to pain, brokenness, and bondage. The world’s love is conditional and based on the externals (what can be seen, touched, and manipulated).

“But the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7).

So today, I encourage you to see rightly. The most beautiful things about you can’t be touched by man. Don’t predicate your worth on the world’s evaluation of your “externals.” You are worth so much more than what the world can see, touch, and manipulate. Don’t seek love, acceptance, and approval from the world.

Instead, seek the One who is love. Run after the One whose love never fails or leaves us wanting: God. Rest in His arms. Let His love quiet your anxious and wandering heart. Let Him touch and heal those places only He can. Let Him love you into wholeness so the world holds nothing you want, need, or desire.

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