In Search: A Poem

I’ll be the first one to admit that there have been times in my walk with the Lord that my faithfulness and loyalty to Him was like the early morning dew that quickly disappears. At times, just like the children of Israel, I played the harlot and chased after things or gave my heart to things that were in direct rebellion to God.

Because of His great love for me, He didn’t throw me away when I turned my back toward Him and went after things I thought would fulfill me and make me happy. He pursued me like a good, loving, and faithful Father. He overtook me. He chastened me because He loved me. He led me into the wilderness and removed everything that I had propped myself up on that was not of Him. He removed all of the idolatrous things that I had built my foundation on that were not of Him.

He stood, strong and immovable, as the defender of my heart and lover of my soul. He stripped away those things to show me that it had been Him all along. He had been sustaining me, not any of those worldly things. He had been providing for me, not my job. He had been protecting me and watching over me. And even without those things, I would not only survive but thrive because I had Him. And in having Him, I would have all that I would ever need.

Some of us are still in isolation. Some of us are slowly going back into the world. Some of us have already gone back out. No matter where you are, take time to reflect.

What has God revealed to you during this time of isolation? Has God shown you things you have propped yourself up on that are not of Him? Is your heart joined to things that are in complete rebellion to Him and His plan for your life? Are you searching in the world for things that can only be found in Him?

If so, identify and acknowledge those things. Now that you are regaining your freedom, you can’t afford to choose counterfeit things that keep you from God’s best for your life. God revealed or removed them because He wants all of your affection, attention, and allegiance. Understand that you have power, because of the Holy Spirit, to lay those things down for good and choose the One who is everything you need: God. Be encouraged!

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