Body Language: A Poem

I wrote this poem when I was green, naive, and a bit deceived! Ayeeee, that rhymed. No, but seriously, I wrote this when I was angsty and in strong “like” with someone. Poetry is not my normal form of expression but I guess all things are possible when you’re in your feelings. 😉 Nevertheless, having been removed from it for a while, I look back on it, and I’m grateful for discernment and God protecting me when I just didn’t know any better. Sometimes in life, it’s like that. We all have blind spots.

Sometimes we live our life and make decisions out of broken places–shame, guilt, low self-esteem, low self-worth, rejection, etc. But thank God for Jesus! When we accept Jesus as our Lord & Savior we become a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) and His love makes us whole.

I’ve learned through my journey of loving Jesus that there is nothing wrong with wanting a relationship. However, I think God wants us to know Him and love Him first. He wants us to love ourselves and find out who we are in Him so we’re not trying to find our identity and worth in anyone other than Him.

I’m convinced that God has people ordained for our lives and Satan sends people into our life to derail and thwart God’s plan for our life. The key to identifying which is which is prayer, discernment, and simply waiting on the Lord. God reveals all in time, just wait on Him.

With all of that being said, let Jesus be your first love. Don’t try to rush it. Don’t try to force it. Don’t fixate on it. You’re not going to need to read someone’s body language. Lol You won’t have to guess. You will know. Focus on getting healthy, whole, and ready for all that God has for you.

If it’s God’s will for your life, in His time, He will reveal the one you are supposed to walk through life with and glorify Him in the earth with. Be patient. Be encouraged. Be blessed. ❤

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