Be faithful today and tomorrow…

Sometimes when we receive promises from God, we anxiously look ahead while laying down or neglecting what God has already placed in our hands.

God doesn’t want us to do that. The seasons of life build on themselves. The work that God is calling you to do now is preparing you and paving the way for the work that He has called you to do in the next season(s).

So, don’t be lax and don’t give up. As you wait for the promise, be faithful in the day(s) you have been given:

1. Do what God has already told you to do. He’s not going to change His mind. If He told you to do it, He wants it done.

2. Be a good steward over what God has already blessed you with. How can you hope to receive more when you’re not faithful or grateful for what you already have?

3. Love the people God has already placed in your life. They are gifts from God and should be stewarded and treated as such. (Let those you love be recipients of the fruit of the Spirit God is developing on the inside of you: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control).


As God has taken care of this day, trust Him to take care of the next day and the day after that. REST IN HIM. He doesn’t want you to fret, but He does want you to do your part.

Understand that tomorrow will undoubtedly come, but will you be ready for it because you prepared for it today?

Ask yourself: Am I sowing seeds that will enable me to reap what God has promised me?

Be encouraged! You are loved! ❤

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