I’m Going To…A Poem

This poem was written after my quiet time with the Lord. I felt such a love, comfort, and joy. The Lord knows that we all have our “stuff”–those broken places that we try to hide from ourselves and others. He’s so tender and sympathetic to our pain and weaknesses–knowing that we don’t go through this life unscathed.

Jesus is with us in all of it. Our Savior. The Lord of heaven and earth. Our healer. Our deliverer. The One who is able to set us free.

He has not left us alone as orphans but has sent His Holy Spirit to be with us forever. He is our teacher, helper, and comforter.

In the midst of your pain, ask Him to help you and He will. Ask Him to comfort you, and He will. Ask Him to heal you from those things that have you broken and bound, and He will.

Be encouraged! You are loved! ❤

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