Wisdom Wednesday: Are you confused?

First things first, you are a child of the one, true living God, which means that Jesus Christ is your Shepherd. You are His proverbial sheep. He died so you could live forever through Him.

Because you are His sheep, a part of His fold, He has promised to never leave you nor forsake you.

Because you are His sheep, He protects you. He provides for you. He leads you and guides you.

Because you are His sheep, you hear the Shepherd’s (Jesus Christ) voice, and the voice of a stranger you do not follow.

Breathe. Rest. You are secure in Him. He fully knows you. He sees you. Even when you are confused about what’s going on in your life, God isn’t and He doesn’t want you to be either.

Therefore, if you are confused…

1. Know that confusion is not from God. God is not the author of confusion, but of peace (1 Corinthians 14:33). This is true of Him in His church and your life.

2. Check your proximity to the Shepherd. If you are confused, you are not hearing His voice. Are you reading God’s Word? Are you keeping it? Are you praying to Him? Are you worshipping Him?

*These are not religious rituals or works that we do to get something from God. They are disciplines, enabled by the Holy Spirit, that allow us to stay close to Jesus and abide in Him so we can hear His voice, do His work, and bear good fruit.

3. Wait. Don’t be tempted to make an impulsive decision in your confusion. Wait for clarity. Wait until you KNOW that you’re hearing from God.

4. Examine your circumstances. Confirmation of what you think God is saying should be visible in your life. Is what you’re hearing aligning with what you’re seeing unfolding in your life–even if you have not seen the full manifestation of it yet.

5. Seek wise counsel. Be led by the Holy Spirit to seek the counsel of someone who is living a righteous and holy life before God.

6. Examine your desires. Sometimes we are confused because we are being led astray by our own desires. Take your desires to the Lord and ask Him to reveal if they are from Him or not.

*You can desire something that seems good and Godly but it could not be God’s will or timing, which can lead to confusion.

Be encouraged! You are loved! ❤

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