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I rode past this protest and honked my horn and threw up my fist in support of the Black Lives Matter protesters. However, as I continued toward my destination, it struck me that this protest (Black Lives Matter protesters on one side and Police Lives Matter/ Confederate flag protesters on the other) was a picture of the current state of America: DIVIDED.

I Am With You

This has been a tough season that has required me to walk through many difficult things. However, one thing that the Lord has consistently said to me is: “I’m with you.”

If it’s not the will of God…

If that sickness, disease, or infirmity is not the will of God, it has no legal power, dominion, or control to stay in your life. Matter of fact, anything that is in your life that is not the will of God has NO POWER to remain. The enemy and anything he sends has no power in us or over us EXCEPT what we give it or him.

Don’t Believe Every Spirit

There are many voices speaking right now. Many people are vying for your attention, your ear, and your allegiance. It’s imperative that you do as the 1 John 4:1 instructs you to: test the spirits.

Pray & Believe

One of the most powerful and life changing things you can do for your life and those you love is pray. With everything that is going on in the world, you can’t afford not to pray. Someone must stand in the gap, let it be you!

Just Let Go…

This has been a difficult and uncomfortable season that I’ve tried to abort many times. However, I’ve learned that when I submit and surrender to the Lord, I have to do it His way. It’s a losing and hopeless battle to “kick against the goads” and resist the will of God.


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