One of the things I love about Jesus…

Jesus wasn’t afraid or “too good” to be with the sinners and the outcasts of society.

He preached the Gospel to the poor. He touched and healed the lepers, the lame, the blind, the deaf, the crazy (the demon possessed) etc.

He touched them, and He let them touch Him (Mark 5:25-32).


I’m convinced that anxiety is a spiritual attack from Satan, the devil. The results of anxiety is stamped with his hallmark: (1) steal, (2) kill, and (3) destroy. John 10:10 tells us that “the thief (Satan) does not come except to steal, kill, and destroy.” In like manner, anxiety steals, kills, and destroys your peace, your joy, and your trust in God.

A lot of people are hurting…

There has been more than one highly publicized suicide in recent weeks. And I know some of you, who are reading this,  are or maybe know someone who is having a difficult time right now.

Wisdom Wednesday: How do you get over “Church Hurt?”

“Church hurt” is uniquely painful. One of the reasons is because in Church we trust wholeheartedly without pretense or reservation. Church is suppose to be a safe place; and when it’s not, we are completely blindsided and caught off guard.

God is working…

This brought me so much comfort and hope. There are things in all of our family histories that aren’t perfect or pristine. However, when we look at the genealogy of Jesus, neither was His earthly family history perfect or pristine (See Matthew 1:1-16). But God is so good that He still used those imperfect people in Jesus’s genealogy and that messy and dysfunctional family history to bring forth the perfect, holy, righteous, and blameless Messiah into the world!