For God so Loved the World

One of the things I love about God is that He so loved the world, not just some of the world or only the “good” parts of the world. No, He so loved the entire world that He sent His Son to die, not just for some people but for all people. And whosoever, not just white people or black people or rich people or poor people or perfect people or almost perfect people, but ANYONE who believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life

True Love’s Invitation: A Poem

There is One who has healed me of my brokenness. There is One who has set me free from rejection. There is One who has given me life, Love, Purpose, Identity, And His name is Jesus. If you want true love, If you want to be set free, If you want to be healed, ItContinue reading “True Love’s Invitation: A Poem”

Goodbye…For Now: A Poem

“I’m leaving.” I sat there stunned, As the words shot from your lips, Ripping through my flesh, Like a hollow-point shotgun slug. Exploding on impact, As it penetrates my flesh, Severing my aorta, Collateral damage. I forced a smile, As you spoke of your new adventure. But the words didn’t register, As my vision grewContinue reading “Goodbye…For Now: A Poem”

In Full Bloom: A Poem

Our love is like seedling, Immature but alive. It hasn’t stopped us from feeling, What has been purposed by the Divine.   We are in a precarious state, The Master Gardner keeping us alive. He knows our fate, That we can survive.   But the choice is still yours, Whether we will mature, If ourContinue reading “In Full Bloom: A Poem”