Choose Love: A Poem

When did My name become a byword?
A curse on the tongue of My creation,
The ones I created in My image,
The ones I sent My only, begotten Son to save.
I would tell you that I love you,
So that you would turn away from your destruction,
The sin that pulls you to the grave.
But I know even that perfect declaration would be of little consequence.
Because you don’t know Me;
Therefore, you don’t know Love.

A lot of people are hurting…

There has been more than one highly publicized suicide in recent weeks. And I know some of you, who are reading this,  are or maybe know someone who is having a difficult time right now.

Wisdom Wednesday: Do you keep a record of God’s goodness?

As we get closer to the end of the age, more perilous times are coming. Jesus warned His disciples, and all of us, in Matthew 24:3 about the signs of the times and the end of the age…