A Rose is still a Rose

I’ve been seeing roses quite often lately. They have become highlighted in a way. So much so, I had a thought a couple of days ago about the possibility of God wanting to speak to me through them.

This past Friday, my suspicion was confirmed when God brought an Aretha Franklin song to my mind: “A Rose is still a Rose.” I hadn’t heard or thought about the song in years. In fact, the song was released in 1998.

However, I listened to the song and the chorus, among other things, stood out to me:

“Cause a rose is still a rose

Baby, girl, you’re still the flower

He can’t lead you and then take you

Make you and then break you

Darlin, you hold the power.”

God was revealing and tenderly touching a spot in my heart that He wanted to heal. He’s so beautiful in that way. So, some of this is specific to me, but I think there is a message that can be shared universally.

At the very core, I think God wants me to share this: when it’s all said and done, a thing is what it is. We are who God created us to be, irrespective of people mislabeling, misusing, and abusing us. Sometimes we are mislabeled, misused, and abused for so long, we relinquish our identity and power. But no more. We still hold the power because we are in Jesus. We have our entire being and identity in Him. We are loved and accepted children of God because of Jesus Christ!

The Lord said to me: “What if I believed those people who said I wasn’t the Son of God?” Just think about that? What if Jesus started believing that He isn’t the Son of God because everyone around Him told Him that He wasn’t. What if He didn’t die on the cross for the sins of mankind because many around Him didn’t believe that He was the Savior of the world? What if He stopped believing what He knew to be true because no one else believed it? That would have been absurd, right? Of course! And it should be just as absurd to us when someone says that we’re anything other than what God proclaims us to be?

So, here’s to all of God’s roses: You are valuable and worthy even when someone doesn’t see it or acknowledge it. You are chosen even when no one chooses you. You are loved even when you feel unloved. You are who you are: God’s beloved! Be encouraged!

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