A Church Divided…

Presidents, political parties, policies, etc. don’t change the hearts of men, only the one, true living God does that. God draws men unto Himself (John 6:44). Jesus reveals the Father to whom He chooses (Matthew 11:27). Man has no control over that! No matter who is the President of the United States of America, God is in control of it all. His will is always done, no matter what man is put in office, no matter what policies and laws are enacted.

When did we start needing a particular man in power for God to save our country and turn us back to Him? Lies! Deception!

WAKE UP CHURCH! See rightly.

It’s time that we stop taking the bait of the enemy. He is causing division, dissension, and disunity in the Body of Christ.

We are charged to make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace (Ephesians 4:3). Jesus said that a kingdom divided against itself, cannot stand. It is brought to desolation (Matthew 12:25).

WAKE UP CHURCH! See rightly.

The enemy is at work to divide, distract, and weaken us in this very critical hour. Our brothers and sisters are not our enemy. SATAN IS (Ephesians 6:12). Instead of attacking him, we are attacking our brothers and sisters. Instead of praying and standing in the gap for our brothers and sisters, who may be in error, we are partnering with the enemy and tearing them down. STOP! This is not who we are, this is not who we are in Him, and this is not who He has called us to be.

If we want to see unity, love, peace, and revival in the world, it has to come to the Church first.

One of the reasons the early church grew, even under persecution, was because they were unified and on one accord. Pray to the Lord above that He leads us back there!

Today, I want you to see that your true enemy is not each other, a political party, or even a President, it is Satan. He will use anyone and any agenda to further his plan to steal, kill, and destroy the Church.

Today, I want to encourage you to stop letting the enemy steal from you. Stop letting him steal your peace. Stop letting him steal your joy. Stop letting him steal the love you are supposed to have and give to your brothers and sisters. Stop letting him use you as a vessel to sow discord among the brethren. #stopthetrueenemy It’s time for unity. It’s time to put down the stones and pick up olive branches. It’s time to be the Church. Its time to be like our Father in heaven. It’s time to love. ❤

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