3 Ways I’ve Seen God’s Goodness This Holiday Season!

  1. God’s protection of the things that I love

On Christmas Eve, my ten pound Maltipoo ran ahead of me and thought that it was wise to start a fight with a pitbull. Thank God the pitbull was on a leash–as my dog should have been. (I have learned my lesson). Thank God her injuries were minor despite being bit on the inside of her neck and lower back. I’ve heard of the damage and devastation pitbull attacks can cause, and I am thankful because it could have been a lot worse…and on Christmas Eve!

  1. God’s Restoration of Family Relationships

On Thanksgiving, my family and I played yard games on the deck because it was so beautiful outside. We prayed as a family. We laughed and rooted for our favorite teams while watching “The Floor is Lava” and eating our favorite foods and desserts.

On Christmas, I played catch with my niece, took a spin on my nephew’s new hoverboard. Unfortunately, I didn’t hold onto the wall tight enough when I was getting off. With one foot on the hoverboard and one foot off, the hoverboard spun me around and I lost my balance. I fell onto my sister’s hardwood floor that had ABSOLUTELY NO GIVE! My sister promptly laughed and reenacted how my legs flew into the air and over the couch. I would consider falling again–if I wouldn’t get hurt–just to hear my sister’s laugh. It was everything you want a good laugh to be–real and hearty!

Keep praying for your family. Keep praying for the restoration of your relationships–even when things look hopeless. Love your family and forgive quickly! You don’t know how long you will have with them.

  1. God’s invitation for me to repent and uproot patterns of sin that has kept me in destructive cycles

During this season, God has revealed heart issues and patterns of sin that has kept me in bondage–making the same decisions and ending up in the same place over and over again.

When God reveals what’s in your heart, it always comes with an invitation for you to repent because He wants to bring healing and restoration.

Pay attention to reoccurring patterns of sin in your life–especially if the devil uses them to steal, kill, and destroy the good things that God brings into your life.

What are some ways God has shown His goodness to you this holiday season? Leave your comment below!

Be encouraged! You are loved! ❤️

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